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Invited talk at IEEE Transducers 2023

ZeroAMP was present at the IEEE Transducers 2023 Conference, held on 25-29 June 2023 in Kyoto, Japan.

Prof. Dinesh Pamunuwa, group leader within the Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering at the University of Bristol (UNIVBRIS), gladly deliver an invited talk on the nanomechanical technology for electronics developed in the ZeroAMP and i-EDGE projects.

UNIVBRIS also contributed with a joint paper with KTH on a miniaturised 4-terminal relay fabricated on a commercial foundry platform. The paper was nicely presented by Yingying Li, PhD student at KTH: more info here.

KTH at IEEE Transducers 2023

Yingying Li, PhD student under the supervision of Prof. Frank Niklaus at KTH, gladly represented the ZeroAMP team at the IEEE Transducers 2023 (Kyoto, Japan, 25-29 June 2023).

As part of this international conference on Solid-State Sensors, Actuators and Microsystems, she gave a poster presentation on the paper "Design and Fabrication of a 4-Terminal in-plane Nanoelectromechanical Relay".

ZeroAMP Consortium Meeting CM8

Our eighth ZeroAMP Consortium Meeting "CM8" (13-14 June 2023) was hosted by KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden.

The consortium partners had extensive discussion to plan the last year in the project, in order to make sure that all project objectives can be achieved by the end of ZeroAMP.

We were also lucky to enjoy the beautiful and sunny Stockholm, with a guided tour at the Vasa Museum followed by an amazing cruise in the Stockholm archipelago.

Looking forward to the next meeting, which will be held in Neuchâtel (Switzerland) in January 2024!

Welcome to Manu Bala Krishnan in ZeroAMP!

Dr. Manu Bala Krishnan has recently joined the Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering at the University of Bristol, as a Research Associate.

He will apply his expertise in MEMS device modelling and fabrication process development to the NEMS fabrication and characterisation in the ZeroAMP project.

Set of videos of our microscale prototypes switching

Check out the videos of the microscale prototypes developed in ZeroAMP showing a few cycles of pull-in and pull-out of micro relays that work through electrostatic actuation. This set of videos has been produced by the team at the University of Bristol, under the lead of Dinesh Pamunuwa.

It is available on YouTube using this direct link.

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