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i-EDGE has just started

The ZeroAMP consortium is glad to announce the official start of the i-EDGE project, which is a follow-on R&I project of ZeroAMP!

Coordinated by AMO GmbH, i-EDGE gathers 8 partners from industry and academia, and will run for 42 months until June 2026. Most of the consortium members already know each other, since i-EDGE builds on the technology platform developed in ZeroAMP.

Check out the i-EDGE website and follow the LinkedIn page for regular updates and to know more about the series of demonstrators developed in i-EDGE, their application and relevance to the EU Chips Act!

ZeroAMP technology featured on the cover of the Advanced Electronic Materials journal

The single-contact four-terminal relay developed as part of the ZeroAMP work at UNIVBRIS was featured on the cover of the January issue of Advanced Electronic Materials!

This relay is an important part of our nanomechanical standard cell library as we seek to build nanomechanical processors. A four-terminal relay is key to building complex logic blocks with a small number of devices.

The full article is available in open access here. You can also visit the ZeroAMP website and outcomes webpage for more details.

Welcome to August in ZeroAMP!

The ZeroAMP consortium is glad to welcome and introduce the newest team member, August Djuphammar!

August has a recent master´s degree in nanotechnology from Chalmers University of Technology (Gothenburg, SE) and he will now pursue a PhD under the supervision of Frank Niklaus at KTH (Stockholm, SE).

In ZeroAMP, August will contribute to the nanofabrication of the NEM switches developed in the project.

ZeroAMP at IEEE MEMS 2023 Conference

Elliott Worsey, PhD student in the UNIVBRIS team led by Dinesh Pamunuwa, presented a poster covering all MEM non-volatile memory cell at IEEE MEMS 2023 Conference held in Munich on 15-19 January 2023. This is a key cell in the ZeroAMP standard cell library used for building mechanical computational structures.

The results presented in the poster are also included in the following conference proceedings paper:

E. Worsey, M. Kulsreshath, Q. Tang, and D. Pamunuwa, “Fully microelectromechanical non-volatile memory cell,” in Proc. IEEE MEMS Conference (in press), Jan. 2023.

Check out our Outcomes webpage for more details.

ZeroAMP CM7 meeting

Last week, the ZeroAMP consortium gladly participated to its seventh consortium meeting "CM7" in Aachen, Germany.

Over these two days meeting hosted by AMO, we had the pleasure to visit the beautiful city center of Aachen and the cleanroom at AMO - in addition to intensive and fruitful discussion about the project progress and planning of the next steps for the last 18 months of ZeroAMP!

We are looking forward to the next meeting CM8, which will be held in Stockholm in Spring 2023!

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