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ZeroAMP 9th Consortium Meeting in Neuchâtel

The 9th and before last Consortium Meeting of ZeroAMP just took place in Neuchâtel, Switzerland. Thanks to Ivan Marozau and Olha Sereda from CSEM for the great organization!

Exhibition booth at IEEE Sensors 2023

In addition to the ZeroAMP Final Workshop "Logic,Memory, Sensors and More for Harsh Environments", ZeroAMP was also nicely represented at the IEEE Sensors 2023 Conference (Vienna, Austria, 29 Oct - 1 Nov 2023) with an exhibition booth incl. roll-up, flyers etc.

ZeroAMP Final Workshop at IEEE Sensors 2023

With the ZeroAMP project slowly coming to its end by mid-2024, the consortium gladly organised its final workshop as part of the IEEE Sensors 2023 Conference (29 October 2023, Vienna, Austria).

During this workshop entitled "Logic,Memory, Sensors and More for Harsh Environments", participants had a general overview of the NEM technology platform developed in ZeroAMP. Initial applications and their potential for future sensor and status monitoring devices were discussed, incl. a path towards commercial exploitation of the technology in our follow-up EU-funded i-EDGE project.

If you missed the workshop and would like to know more about the ZeroAMP technology, check out the event webpage where you can find the presentation slides for download!

New publication in RSC Nanoscale

We are delighted to announce the publication of our recent work, entitled "Integrated 4-Terminal Single-Contact Nanoelectromechanical Relays Implemented in a Silicon-on-Insulator Foundry Process," led by Prof. Frank Niklaus at KTH, in RSC Nanoscale. This research represents a remarkable advancement in the field of NEM-computing.

Our study introduces a groundbreaking approach to integrated nanoelectromechanical relays, offering potential applications in ultra-low power logic circuits. These relays exhibit rapid turn-off characteristics and zero off-state leakage, presenting a promising alternative to traditional transistors.

The full article is available in open access: you can download it here for detailed insights.

ZeroAMP at MNE 2023

During the Micro & Nano Engineering Conference (MNE) held in Berlin on 25-28 September 2023, Jens Bolten - group leader of Nanostructuring at AMO GmbH - had the pleasure to represent the ZeroAMP project at the AMO booth.

He enjoyed a lively exchange with the booth visitors by giving an overview of the project objectives, challenges and outcomes using the project flyer.

Have you missed the AMO booth at the MNE conference? Discover our last outputs by visiting the project website and reading our recent publications.

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