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ZeroAMP at WaferBond '22 Conference

The International Conference on Wafer Bonding – WaferBond’22 will be held on 04-06 October 2022, in Schmalkalden, Germany. It will be hosted by Schmalkalden University of Applied Sciences.

The conference, with lectures, poster presentations and exhibitions of the sponsors, will cover all aspects of bonding wafers and comparable substrates from basic research to industrial applications.

Gaehun Jo, PhD student at KTH involved in the ZeroAMP project, will gladly give a presentation at WaferBond’22 entitled "Wafer-level Hermetic Sealing of Silicon Photonic MEMS by Direct Metal-to-Metal Bonding".

New Publication in Advanced Electronic Materials by the University of Bristol

Researchers in ZeroAMP from the University of Bristol collaborate with the University of Southampton to produce the first single-contact four-terminal relay to enable efficient digital logic.

The PI Dr. Dinesh Pamunuwa explains the significance of this work, just published in Advanced Electronic Materials, in a one-page PDF document available here for download.

The full publication is available in open access at

New publication in Advanced Materials Technologies by AMO

Researchers from the AMO team in ZeroAMP, in collaboration with colleagues from ASML and RWTH Aachen University from the EU-funded project "2D Experimental Pilot Line", have developed a new methodology to characterise the Hamaker constant within the right order of magnitude for any material combination in a quick and low-cost way.

This original work has been published in the open-access journal "Advanced Materials Technologies", and is available here for download.

Introducing ZeroAMP’s member - Jennifer Wheeley

"I am excited about finding customers that can help us develop the technology further"

Could you please introduce yourself?

My name is Jen and I work for Microchip Technology.

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ZeroAMP workshop - materials for download

The ZeroAMP consortium organised an interim workshop on "Electronics for Extreme Environments" on 30 June 2022, which took place as a hybrid online/ in-person event in Bristol, UK.

In total ~55 attended the event which had been organised as a two-session event. The workshop’s morning session "NEMS technology for beyond CMOS applications" featured the following outstanding speakers:

  • Dinesh Pamunuwa - one of the initiator of the ZeroAMP project- and Piers Tremlett - ZeroAMP project coordinator - who introduced the key concepts and challenges of ZeroAMP;
  • Marco Ceccarelli of the European Commission who gave an overview of the EU Chips Act
  • Stefan Ernst of X-FAB who provided a foundry perspective and market potential of NEMS technology;
  • Søren Stobbe of DTU Fotonik about NEM silicon photonics;
  • Andrew Moore of Warwick Manufacturing Group with the potential of MEMS for the automotive industry.

The in-person afternoon session was dedicated to the transition of the ZeroAMP technology "From concept to product". A lively plenary debate was initiated which took up issues raised in the morning session and discussed them in more details.

Check out the recordings and download the presentation slides by clicking here.

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